Wednesday, June 8, 2011

New Look

I gave the blog a little bit of a new simpler look. Who knows, maybe i will even post more than a couple times a year! I'm not making any promises though since the third Nelson baby will be making his arrival in about a month, adding to the enormous amount of chaos that already goes on around here. I should really be folding laundry right now instead of blogging. But hopefully having three kiddos won't permanently suck all of my creative energy and time. We'll see... it will be an adventure thats for sure :)


The Coffins said...

So glad you blogged! Can't believe Baby Tiger is going to be here so soon!! Even if you can't blog, I know you're putting all your creative energy into being an amazing mom. Love ya!

Carol Ramirez said...

Hi, Kristen -- your blog post is virtually the only one I've seen that mentions the Seal Beach Arts & Crafts Faire --- for 2010. I cannot locate much of anything for 2011. Nothing on the Chamber or City websites and no official website for the Fair itself. I am a first-time exhibitor and am wondering if you know of an official site. Publicity for this event seems very poor.
You can reach me at Thanks. Carol Ramirez Photography